Illawarra MBE Awards in WW2

Additional notes – photo – photo with 34th Battalion Adjutants. Media Stories – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, )  – MBE Citation from Friends of Second Infantry Battalions Nulli Secundus Issue No. 96 June 2005 pp 14-15 and his Service Record :“For meritorious service and gallantry during the period covering operations in the AITAPE – WEWAK campaign. Captain McCAMMON has carried out in a highly efficient manner the duties of Adjutant. He has shown a high standard of courage and outstanding ability and the general assistance he has given to his commander has greatly influenced the success of the unit’s operations. In the unit’s advance along the coast through BUT and DAGUA and into the high ground to the SOUTH, involving at all times movement into hostile territory Captain McCAMMON, in order to gain vital information, consistently moved with the forward elements and unhesitatingly exposed himself to enemy fire. In one instance when in contact with enemy positions on the NINAHAU River his daring reconnaissance over open ground which was covered with enemy small arms fire at short range determined for his commander the exact position of the enemy’s defences. Again in the area of KAUK when his small party was engaged with enemy fire from unlocated positions, his personal reconnaissance ascertained the enemy’s location. At BUT while under intense enemy shell fire, in the absence of his commander, he established a command post. With little cover offering he continued to operate and maintained control of the situation. Following this and while still under shell fire he inspected all company positions, showing complete disregard for his own safety. Captain McCAMMON was confronted with many difficult operational and administrative problems but in each case he proved himself more than equal to the task. The timely issue of well compiled operation orders, his supervision of intelligence and his general organising ability were outstanding. With his cheerful outlook which served to maintain a high morale amongst the troops, his untiring efforts and with courage of a very high order, he has earned for himself an excellent reputation.”

AWM P04680.005 Hamilton Gordon McCammon

Unfortunately it is not known who is Hamilton Gordon McCammon in this AWM Collection Group portrait of officers of the 2/2nd Battalion.

AWM 079797 H G McCammon

But Area, New Guinea. 1945-03-17. Members of the 2/2nd Infantry Battalion cross the swift flowing Ninahau River during their advance to But. Captain McCammon was in this AWM Collections photo – possibly on the left (?) with Lieutenant Colonel A G Cameron.