Museum Events & Exhibitions for 2019

Note – our Museum always has Coal Mining and Railway items on permanent display 

And of course items from Sherbrooke on Bulli Mountain  can always be viewed!


NSW Seniors Festival 2019 Exhibition 

My Place – Our Places

Sundays – February 17 – March 17 1-4pm

Midweek for groups by appointment only – please email :

Our Seniors in the Black Diamond Districts have embraced change from the post WW2 Baby Boom. The “fibro’s” expanded out along the beachsides to the exploding Sydney commuter belt. Now the ‘fibro’s” are giving way to multistorey beachside “palaces”.

BDHC 1403587_418552444934586_795584820_o
Bulli Cottage Hospital – celebrating 125 years

Since the 80’s, local industries have been swept away, along with the little corner stores and the once vibrant schools of arts. Movie theatres became gyms. Longstanding family businesses overtaken by franchises. Small mountain-top cafes specialising in Devonshire Teas with Scones Jam and Cream now offer Gourmet and International offerings. Self contained mining town villages turning into Dormitory zones. So much change. No surprise that Seniors are looking nostalgically at was once there, especially in the on-line world. However some people are seeking a physical experience to connect with.

The old Sandon Point Jetty  – Gehlaar twins surfing at the old jetty – Chamberlain’s repairing the Jetty c.1912

“My Place – Our Places”  aims for something more tangible. Images and stories from the childhood days of the Black Diamond’s Seniors. Stirring Seniors memories and stories for the Seniors. Our Museum’s projects “Footprints” and “Stories of Seniors” are also featured in the exhibition.

Thirroul War Memorial – images over near 100 years

And creating the “next” Memories for Future generations of Seniors ?

Lawrence Hargrave at Stanwell Park – Seniors from Stanwell Park U3A enjoy 2018 Christmas Lunch at Hillcrest Stanwell Park – former home of Lawrence Hargrave.

“My Place – Our Places” also presents contemporary photos of Places – to connect the “Now” and “Then”. And also features an iconic business or two that still continue.

img_3715 (2)
Rutledge’s Servo at Thirroul – founded in 1925 and operated in the Rutledge family since 1946. Perhaps the oldest continuing business in Thirroul ? (Photo – courtesy of Graeme Rutledge).

We welcome photos, memories and stories from visitors to the Museum.

Coal Mining in the NSW Southern Districts – Remembering the 1887 Bulli Mine Disaster – March 2019

Australian Heritage Festival 2019 – April – July 

 Our Changing Lives & Times

Sundays April 10 – July 14 2019 : 1- 4pm 

Midweek for groups by appointment only – please email :

Bulli 2019 – A Year of Commemorations

– Including School, Hospital & RSL Sub Branch

Sundays July 21 2019 – September 2019 : 1 – 4pm

Midweek for groups by appointment only – please email :

2020 Preview

1939 – 1946 : What Did You Do in the War Mummy ?  …WWII war time days of Illawarra girls

– Also … Stories of Sherbrooke’s Descendants in WW2


Part of the Museum’s Sherbrooke One Place Study Research Programme

Below are pics from our very popular April – May 2014 Up and Down Bulli Mountain – Discovering the Lost Village of Sherbrooke exhibition.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station


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