Museum Events & Exhibitions for 2018

Note – our Museum always has Coal Mining and Railway items on permanent display 


From September 30 2018 – 130 Years of the Sydney to South Coast Railway – who worked on the railways in your family ?

Finally, in October 1888 you could travel all the way from Wollongong to Sydney by train

What did it mean ? How did it change the South Coast ?

From the 1850’s, the NSW Railways opened up lots of different jobs for many people.

Have there been engine drivers, fettlers, porters, signalmen in your family ?

Where did they work on the railways  – up the coast, out west, just the south coast ?

We’d love to hear about them !

Why not drop into the museum and share some stories & photos ?

Do you have something to include in our 130th Anniversary Time Capsule ?

From October 7 2018 : 50 Years since the 1968 Bushfires !

Who could ever forget those dreadful 1968 bushfires ? Just like 2018, there had been a long dry spell in 1968 – and a bushfire initially contained.

Then wild winds whipped up on October 28th 1968. A terrifying scenario emerged that continued into November 1968.

From Farmborough Heights up to Coledale there was devastation.

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Ultimately it would rewrite how future bushfires would be managed – and the resources needed to fight them. What do you remember ? Do you have photos or stories to share ?

From December 2 2018 : Newsprint in their blood – who brought the news to our homes ?

Did you know that newspapers were in the NSW Colony from the early 1800’s ? That the Illawarra Mercury began in 1855 ? Kiama has had quite a few papers ? Who can remember the South Coast Times or the other newspapers of the Illawarra ?

Were the Newspapers of the Past also like the Facebook of their day ?

What have been the jobs in the news ? Did anyone in your family work for the newspapers ? Why not share some photos & stories ?

A Sneak Preview into 2019 …. 

Coal Mining in the NSW Southern Districts – Remembering the 1887 Bulli Mine Disaster – February – March 2019

NSW Seniors Festival 2019 – April

Australian Heritage Festival 2019 – April – June –  Our Changing Lives & Times

1939 – 1946 : What Did You Do in the War Mummy ?  …WWII war time days of Illawarra girls

– Also … Stories of Sherbrooke’s Descendants in WW2


Part of the Museum’s Sherbrooke One Place Study Research Programme

Below are pics from our very popular April – May 2014 Up and Down Bulli Mountain – Discovering the Lost Village of Sherbrooke exhibition.

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Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station


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