Illawarra and South Coast Aborigines 1770-1850 compiled by Michael Organ 1990

So much to take in – this 500 + page compilation by local historian Michael Organ


The Fate of the Illawarra Aborigines

Who were / are the Illawarra Aborigines ?

Dreaming Stories of the Illawarra and South Coast Aborigines

  • C. W. Peck’s Australian Legends
  • Roland Robinson’s Narratives and Poems
  • Arrival of the Thurawal Tribe in Australia
  • The Hereafter
  • The Spirit of the Fig Tree
  • The Yaroma
  • Wallanthagang
  • Wulthegang
  • Cambewarra Mountain
  • Wunbula the Bat
  • The Story of Bundoola (I) (II) (III)
  • Bundoola and the Birthplace of the South Coast Tribes
  • Mumuga the Cave Monster
  • Gurungaty – the Water Monster
  • Dyillagamberra – the Rainmaker
  • The Pleiades
  • Two Women and a Dog
  • Tootawa and Pooloongool
  • Gurambugang the Lizard
  • Kubbagang the Bat
  • Merribi – the Thunder
  • The Three Sisters
  • The Emu and the Native Companion
  • Daramulun
  • Tulugal – the Devil
  • Mirrirul – the Creator
  • Dreaming – A Vision of Death
  • Stories of the Burragorang Tribe
  • Jerra Thurawaidtheri
  • The Nut Gatherers
  • How the Pheasant and Eel went to the Didthul (the Pigeon-house Hill)
  • The Lyre Bird
  • Mulgani
  • What Makes the Waves (Arrilla of Northern Illawarra)
  • Mist and a Fringed Flower
  • The First Crayfish
  • The Legend of the Lyrebird and the Kookaburra
  • Two Waratah Legends (The Black Snake Totem)
  • The Stars, a Meteor and Volcanoes
  • A Bird Legend
  • Why the Turtle has no Tail (The Journey After Death)
  • How the White Waratah became Red
  • The Black Satin Bird
  • The Dianella Berry
  • Why the Waratah is Firm
  • At Low Tide – Allambee and the Great White Spirit (The Coming of the White Man to Australia)
  • The Gigantic Lily and the Waratah

Captain Cook, The First Fleet, and First Contact

  • 1770-1813
    • 1770
      • James Cook and the Endeavour
      • James Cook’s Log
      • Joseph Banks’ Journal
      • First Contact
    • 1788
      • The First Fleet
    • 1789
      • Smallpox at Port Jackson
    • 1791
      • Matilda at Jervis Bay
    • 1794
      • First Recorded Attempt to Travel Overland from Sydney to Overland
    • 1795
      • Gome-boak the Warrior
    • 1796
      • Bass and Flinders at Lake Illawarra
    • 1797
      • The Wreck of the Sydney Cove
      • William Clarke’s Journal – Cape Howe to the Shoalhaven
        • 18 March – 30 April 1797
        • Matthew Flinders’ Account
      • Reverend Palmer’s Letter
      • Governor Hunter’s Account
      • George Bass’s Survey Party

1 Response to Illawarra and South Coast Aborigines 1770-1850 compiled by Michael Organ 1990

  1. Carol Lymbery says:

    Can you please advise or share any stories about Kubbagang the Bat. We are part of a small group of community workers starting a reading programme for young children and a group of children have identified the flying fox/bat as their preferred mascot. We would like to ask our local elders if they think that Kubbagang the Bat would be acceptable and it would be great if we could include a dreamtime story when we talk with the elders. Hope you can help us. Carol Lymbery and Kayla Maltby

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