Bulli History

From Dr Winifred Mitchell in 1989 …

 “A Walk around Bulli’s Historical Township” – A Commemorative Study

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Bulli Historical Township

Black Diamond District

Bulli was one of earliest places in the Illawarra District to experience European settlement. its heritage as a coal mining village was laid in the early 1860s. The main road between Hobart Street and Farrell Road, as well as the roads to the hills on one side and the sea on the other, abound with the relics of its Black Diamond era and its early pioneers. Street names, hotels, shops and dwellings of the nineteenth century have survived more recent development.

The name “Bulli”, derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “two mountains” was officially in use from 1815. It was used to describe the whole area between Bulli Mountain and Mount Keira, even before the naming of Wollongong in 1834.

1815 was the year the first cattle made the difficult descent down Bulli mountain and were driven along the beach southwards to pasture in Wollongong.  They had been brought from the Liverpool district; Dr Charles Throsby had found a route with the aid of Aboriginal guides. In the same year cedar cutters began stripping the mountain of their cedar trees, rolling the timber down to the beach below where it was taken in small boats out to ships waiting to transport it to the Sydney Market….. to continue reading more on timber here .

The first settler in Bulli was Cornelius O’Brien who from 1823 developed a farm with convict labour westwards from land at Sandon Point … to continue reading more on early European occupation of Bulli  … click here



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