Office Bearers


Office Bearers elected for 2015 – 2016 at AGM held on May  2015 :

President : Kerrie Anne Christian

Vice President : Pamela Rose McGovern

Treasurer : Vivien Brown

Secretary : James Rose

Minutes Secretary : James Rose

Public Officer : Vivien Brown

Special Project Officer : Ray Brown

Publicity : Kerrie Anne Christian

Photographic Projects Officer : Bronwen Chamberlain

Events Coordinators : Pamela Rose McGovern & Sandra Jones

Grants Officer a: Grant Joy

Risk Management : Grant Joy

Groups Tour Coordinator : Graeme Stewart

Asset Registrar – Collections Management Officer : James Rose



2 Responses to Office Bearers

  1. Bill says:

    I am doing some research on my family history and both my great grandfather and great great grandfather (William Jacka Jnr and his father William Jacka Snr).

    William Jacka Jnr was born in Bulli in 1876. His birth certificate shows his name as William Jacka Woods but he later adopted his father’s surname Jacka. He left Bulli circa 1890 and may have worked in the mines.

    William Jacka Snr was born in England circa 1842 and arrived in Australia circa 1860 and lived in Bulli. He was a miner in England and we have been told he was a miner in Bulli.

    Do you have any records showing who was working in the mines circa 1860 – 1890? If you don’t do you know who might still have personnel records of the miners?
    Bill Meani

    PS I cant find an email address to contact you

  2. Virginia Nightingale says:

    I have recently moved to Bulli and am interested in whether I might be able to assist as a volunteer at the museum. I am a retired University professor and also have family history research skills. I could not fill in the membership form as I do not know any existing members. Regards, Virginia

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