More from Rube Hargrave – Life at Sublime Point – Chamberlain Hargrave Family Memoirs Pt.6

Memories from the Black Diamond District –Rube Hargrave O.A.M. Memoirs 

Shared by Bronwen Chamberlain on the Black Diamond Heritage Centre Facebook page  30.11.2013

Maude Morgan was working at Sublime Point one day, when she called out to Rube saying ” There’s an elephant outside,” Rube didn’t believe Maude at first. However when she saw the elephant, she called the police. The elephant has escaped from a circus and had come through the bush to Sublime Point.

Sublime Point Cafe

Sublime Point Cafe

Arthur Chamberlain, Jack Hargraves, Phyl Smith, Rube Hargrave at Sublime Point.

Arthur Chamberlain, Jack Hargraves, Phyl Smith (later Chamberlain), Rube Hargrave nee Chamberlain, ?,  at Sublime Point.

Visitors to the kiosk had given Rube money that the Japanese had printed ready for occupation in Australia. This money had been inserted into the visitors book.

One morning when they were all busy with coaches, the pages in the book with the money and the photo of Robert Helpmann dancing with “Micky ” the cockatoo were ripped out of the visitors book and stolen. Film stars, sports stars, all visited Sublime Point.

The Hargraves didn’t take the visitors book when they left the kiosk, they thought it should stay with Sublime Point.

Many years later a local resident said that she had found the book at the tip and had kept  it. Rube was very sorry she left the book at Sublime Point.



Continued – part of Bronwen Chamberlain’s “Tales from the Black Diamond Districts

To see more old photos or stories of the Black Diamond districts, please visit the Black Diamond Museum and Heritage Centre, Bulli Railway Station east, on Franklin Avenue Bulli, 2516.

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station


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