Tales of Rachel Bradbury nee Kitchen 1850’s – Chamberlain-Hargrave Family Memoirs Pt.2

Memories from the Black Diamond District –Rube Hargrave O.A.M. Memoirs

Shared by Bronwen Chamberlain on the Black Diamond Heritage Centre Facebook page 21.11.2013

Arthur Chamberlain married Isabella Kitchen. Isabella had a sister, Rachel Kitchen. Her mother in law’s story is worth telling. Jane Grundy married Joseph Bradbury. Their son married Rachel Kitchen.

Jane Grundy was 19 years old when she married Joseph Bradbury. They left their families in Lancashire and Wales, sailing immediately for Australia, via India where Joseph Bradbury’s brother was already engaged in trade.

Joseph began loading a second vessel with goods to trade in his new homeland, Australia.
Jane, with her Irish maid, went on to Australia. Jane had intended to wait for her husband’s arrival in Melbourne.

Arriving in Australia in 1854, she found the township almost deserted; most people having left for the goldfields. Realising land would soon be claimed in the area, she obtained a large wagon and 16 prime bullocks. She hired a driver and another young woman, to drive the wagon and the six cows she had bought from the ‘captain.

Jane set off for the goldfields. Her first baby was born under the wagon during the trek.
After Joseph’s arrival, they went into business, selling goods to miners and dealing in stocks and shares.

After a few years the growing family moved to New Zealand and .later they returned to Australia. How tough were these pioneers. This remarkable woman died in her seventies and is buried in Coburg.

On visiting Lightning Ridge in 2002 we went to Kangaroo Hill and to our surprise found photos of Peter’s (Chamberlain-Kitchen) family in an exhibition of Rachel Bradbury nee Kitchen in the complex.

Nineteen years old , what a very strong woman Jane Bradbury must have been.

Continued – part of Bronwen Chamberlain’s “Tales from the Black Diamond Districts

To see more old photos or stories of the Black Diamond districts, please visit the Black Diamond Museum and Heritage Centre, Bulli Railway Station east, on Franklin Avenue Bulli, 2516.

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station


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