Repairs to Bulli (Sandon Point) Jetty 1912 – Chamberlain-Hargrave Family Memoirs Pt.1

Memories from the Black Diamond DistrictRube Hargrave O.A.M. Memoirs

Shared by Bronwen Chamberlain on Black Diamond Heritage Centre Facebook Page 20.11.2013

Diver 1465888_427601694029661_262391335_o

George Chamberlain with a diver working on Bulli Jetty in 1912.

Arthur Edward Chamberlain was born in 1869 in Victoria and died in Coledale Hospital in 1954.

Arthur with his sons, George and Neild worked as bridge and wharf contractors moving to many areas.

In 1912 he secured a contract as supervising foreman to repair and extend the Bulli Jetty.
He worked on this job for eighteen months with his two sons George and Neild. George working as a diver.

All papers have been given to the Bulli Black Diamond Heritage Centre Museum at the Bulli Railway Station.

Arthur Edward Chamberlain Worshipful Master at Thirroul Masonic Lodge - used to attend with son NeilD

Arthur Edward Chamberlain – later Worshipful Master at Thirroul Masonic Lodge – used to attend with son Neild

The family packed up and came down to Sandon Point, Bulli to live in a cottage.
There were two little cottages close to each other that were back along the railway line from the jetty. The cottage they stayed in was very, very old even at that time.
Arthur often laughed at the time his son, George, had pushed a visiting school friend of his, causing the school mate to crash his head through the wall. He ended up with his head above the mixing bowl Isabella, George’s mother was working with in the kitchen.

Rube Hargrave nee Chamberlain in her memoirs told us the the Jesuits planted the trees at Sandon House. Sandon House was loaned to the Jesuits each year and while they were there, they went shark fishing. Rube’s mother would bake bread and take the bread to the Jesuits.

Arthur Chamberlain then built a home at 45 Thompson Street, Woonona in 1913.
There are now units on this site. There is a family photo of Arthur and Neild repairing a sulky wheel around this time.

Continued – part of Bronwen Chamberlain’s “Tales from the Black Diamond Districts

To see more old photos or stories of the Black Diamond districts, please visit the Black Diamond Museum and Heritage Centre, Bulli Railway Station east, on Franklin Avenue Bulli, 2516.

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station

Black Diamond Heritage Centre at Bulli Railway Station


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